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Undergraduate Program

The Cellular Biology undergraduate major offers a comprehensive education in modern molecular biology that prepares for careers in research, biotech and medicine. Cell biologists are scientists who try to understand how cells function and interact at the molecular level and extrapolate this knowledge to explain the biology of whole organisms.

The Cellular Biology course Curriculum

The major is built on a curriculum of didactic and laboratory classes. These courses provide a solid grounding in general molecular biology as well as deeper insights into cell and developmental biology, infection and immunity, and the molecular mechanisms of disease. Rooted in basic science Cellular Biology classes often explore important new discoveries and concepts in medicine, biotechnology and veterinary sciences. Classes are taught by experienced professors who are leaders in their area of research. Cellular Biology faculty enjoy the interaction with their students and try to bring the excitement of modern biology into the classroom.

Cellular Biology majors engage in undergraduate research

Majors in Cellular Biology not only hear about science in their classes, they become a part of the science community as undergraduate researches. Approximately half of the Cellular Biology majors are members of a laboratory and conduct their own research. They work side by side with faculty, graduate students and research fellows from all over the world. Cellular Biology students make important discoveries and present their research at regional and national conferences and publish in interational science journals. Undergraduate research is an exciting way to learn and understand science first hand and an important asset for application to graduate or medical school. Find out about the Cellular Biology research programs.

Cellular Biology majors are well prepared for a career in science and medicine

A bachelor’s degree in Cellular Biology prepares students for entry into graduate programs in cell and molecular biology, genetics and biochemistry as well as other areas of modern biology. Cellular Biology majors are also well prepared to enter medical, veterinary, or pharmacy school. Other students may enter a professional career immediately after graduation working as laboratory technicians in the biotechnology industry or in Academia. In addition, other Cellular Biology graduates may pursue careers in teaching, forensic biology, technical writing, sales, or product development for the pharmaceutical industry. Whatever their choices may be, our majors are highly competitive candidates for excellent jobs and advanced training (in particular those who took advantage of research opportunities). Graduates from this program routinely are recruited to the very best graduate and medical school programs in the country.

Learn more about the requirements for the Cellular Biology major.

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